7 Tips for Fitting in a Workout on Vacation

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Workout out on vacation? I can almost see the eye rolls and hear the groans!

With places around the world starting to open up again, some of you may be planning a summer getaway over the next several months. While extra precautions are in order, keeping up your workout routine may or may not be at the front of your mind. After all, it’s hard enough fitting a fitness routine into our busy lives, let alone squeezing in a workout while on vacation! Getting in that run or weight lifting session doesn’t have to be difficult, though. With some planning, it can easily be fit into your day while still having plenty of time to sightsee or be a beach bum. Below are tips on how to stick to your workout schedule.


If you pack as if you plan to workout while on vacation, you are more likely to do so. Leave your fitness gear and tennis shoes at the top of your suitcase as a reminder to put them to use. I’ve even heard of some people who sleep in their workout clothes, that way all they have to do is roll out of bed and hit the road or gym. Their mindset is that if they are already dressed when they wake up, it is one less excuse to bail or hit the snooze button. Different strategies will work for different people. Choose what works for you, and you are setting yourself up for success. Not to mention, you’ll feel so much better the rest of the day once it’s done.


I’m sure we’ve all been to a hotel that’s gym is less than desirable. You go to take a look, and the one treadmill stuck in the corner, a single exercise bike, and a few free weights that look drab and depressing. It might even look like a room out of a horror movie with a flickering fluorescent light. Or worse yet, there is no gym at all. Either scenario doesn’t exactly set you up for success, am I right?

On the other hand, some hotels have gyms that look like something out of a high-end fitness center. I’m not saying to go all out. Still, meeting in the middle of the two definitely offers a wide variety of workout options for getting your fitness on. If classes such as Yoga or Zumba are your thing, look for those offerings when booking your place to stay. Choose a hotel where the gym will spark at least a little bit of excitement over getting to use it.

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Maybe the best time for you to fit in your workout is in the morning. Maybe it is at night. Schedule it into your day so that it is already blocked off, and stick to it! You can even recruit a friend or family member that is on vacation with you to do your run or workout alongside you. With some extra accountability, you’ll be more likely to follow through. Not only will both of you be staying active, but it is less likely to feel like you could be doing a million other things during that block of time. A bonus is that working out with a friend is more fun!


Maybe your days are completely packed full of adventure, and you simply can’t fit in a workout on vacation without sacrificing sleep or precious downtime. If that is the case, make it a point to walk anywhere and everywhere possible. Maybe there is a restaurant that you want to scope out and it is only a mile away. Walk. If you’re exploring a new town, walk! The beauty is if you get lost, you can always call for an UBER to pick you up and get you back to your hotel or Air B&B. You would be surprised at how quickly the steps add up when you are merely just walking everywhere when the situation allows. Always stay safe, though, and be aware of your surroundings. If you’re in an area where walking could be dangerous, it is best to give your feet a rest and find alternative transportation.

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Chances are, you are in a city you have not visited before and are not familiar with. Plan ahead and scope out potential running routes in correlation to where you are staying. Call your hotel and ask the front desk if there are any trails or parks nearby that are good for getting in a quick run.  By having a gameplan in advance, you are more likely to stick to your routine. Plus, the extra views you’ll get along your route that you may have missed otherwise is nothing to be mad about! Who knows, you may see something that you’ll want to check out more in-depth once your workout is done.


If you are pressed for time, there is nothing wrong with squeezing in a quick workout in your hotel room. Jog in place while watching the morning news, or do bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, and lunges. You may even be able to get a full workout straight from your TV if your hotel has this streaming option. There are plenty of ways that you can stay active right from your room.


Okay, so this goes against everything that the post is about, but hear me out! If you generally stick to a running or workout routine during the rest of the year, taking a week or so off could be the perfect chance to reset! Sit back, sip a cocktail or coffee, and don’t stress about working out on vacation. Embrace the opportunity to catch up on sleep. Your body and mind just may thank you. Your routine will be waiting for you at the end of the week, and you’ll return faster and stronger than ever upon returning home.

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Above all else, don’t forget that you are on vacation. That doesn’t mean you have to go completely off the rails, but it’s okay to let loose a little and break your routine. Eat the fries, lay in that beach chair, and enjoy all that your vacation has to offer. After all, you may only get one real vacation every couple of years. Keep in mind, some of your vacation activities, such as swimming and site seeing, are activities too. Your regular workouts and healthier eating will be waiting for you at the end of the week.

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